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My Opinion!

OK, first off, let me just say that I am not jumping on the Rich Rodriguez wagon, but he is a good coach with a ton of potential. I still have my doubts, but i do believe that as a fellow Wolverine fan, we finally have something to cheer about. 3-9, I won't forget that, but I'm happy to see 3-0 for the first time in a few years. I honestly believe that with Indiana coming to Ann Arbor on Saturday the Wolverines stand a great chance of being 4-0 with the struggling Spartans on tap for the week after. 5-0? That would be huge. Coach Rodriguez has been here before. With West Virginia he went 3-8 his 1st year, and went 9-4 his second year. This is his first year with his recruits. Last year was the last of coach Carr's boys. The year is still young, lets see how it ends!

Now on to the players. Tate Forcier! That is almost enough said about him. With no injuries he has a great 4 years ahead of him in my opinion. He has a great field of vision and he's a good scrambler to boot. Denard Robinson! Hold on to the ball, breathe, and look down the field a little more. You are fast, very fast we know. The problem is, so does everyone else in the NCAA. Throw a pass or two and you will open up your holes again. I am a huge fan of a passing QB, go figure, but you average somewhere around 60 yards a game, but very few if any passing yards. That's called a half back, and that's fine with me if you were a half back, but your a quarterback. OK, next up is #55, Brandon Graham. What a beast! There is nothing to critique, just do what you do. He gets sacks, deflects passes, and is a great anchor for the defense to rely on. All that's left to say about Mr. Graham is see you on Sunday. Last for my opening article is #88 Craig Roh. He is just a freshman, but has huge potential. He's fast, he hits hard and as of last Saturday, has an ability to always be at the ball.

With players on our offense and defense like that we have nowhere to go but up. I truly believe that U of M football is back to stay and will be better than ever. I am proud to say that I bleed Maize and Blue, Go Wolverines.


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