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Heart Breaker!

What can i say about this last game that all wolverines fans dont feel already? It was dissapointing, and hard to watch. Michigan was very lackluster and frankly, kinda boring. The scoreboard did not come close to indicating the actual outcome. We got beat up and thats it. Most people probably dont think that mesko's choice to run on fourth down was the game changing moment. I do, just think about this. That turnover led to a field goal that would have kept the wolverines in the lead and gotten them the win if the rest of the game would have played out the same as it actually did.

One thing i noticed is that coach Rodriguez doesnt seem to understand the importance of the Michigan vs. Michigan State rivalry. I believe that to him it was just another game. If im wrong, and i hope i am, then i apologize. One other thing i have been watching closely is that im pretty sure that Tate Forcier is playing hurt. He always seems to be babying his throwing shoulder so i hope that it is nothing too serious. Last and not least is the fact that our small defensive line is getting beat up. That may work in other conferences but the Big 10 is a rough and rugged, pound and slam conference.

How do i decide on mvp's this week? I guess i go with who did the best in an ugly performance. Offensively, i gotta give it to Michigan State and their defensive penalties. They had around 100 yards in penalties. With out those calls the final score would have been 56-6. Now for defense. Obi Ezeh had 14 tackles. He had an ability to be at the ball on every play. He was one of the few bright spots in a dark defense.

To end this article i must say that i am still a die hard fan. I believe that Michigan will bounce back, and will still win at least 4 more games. Iowa is next up and will this ever be a good game. Iowa is very good, and they are still undefeated so lets hope we can spoil their perfect season on saturday. Go Blue!


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