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Why! Rich Why!

Okay, here is a scenario for all fans. There is under a minute remaining in the game and Michigan is down 2 points to Iowa. Michigan has the ball and has a chance to possibly win a very important game. Here comes Denard Robinson to lead the wolverines to a last second victory. The problem with this scenario is that Denard is a running QB, the Wolverines are at their 30, and there are no timeouts left, not to mention the fact that Denard has not proven himself in an obvious passing situation. Ok, so back to the scenario, Denard steps back and overlooks a wide open Odoms to throw the ball directly into the hands of an Iowa defender. Game over, the Wolverines lose Two in a row.

All Wolverine fans know that this was not a scenario but an actuality on Saturday night. What passed through my head was 'why'? If you're coach Rodriguez, you know you have a proven comeback machine in Tate Forcier, so why sit him down then? I believe Coach Rodriguez was trying to prove a point to Tate, and a point he did prove, although the wrong one. The point he ended up proving is actually a two part point. 1. The coach is a bad decision maker at times, and 2. The Wolverines cant win without Tate out there leading his teammates. Dont misunderstand me, I believe that the Wolverines are a good team still, and the players are all good. I'm just trying to say that Tate is that final piece that ties it all together.

Although we lost, I did see a few improvments that I must point out. I am happy to see that Tate has possibly found his fabled go to guy in Odoms. I also believe that they have started using Kevin Koger more effectivly the last few weeks. Both players are reliable, and have good hands. I do believe that they are still under utilizing Koger though. On the defensive side I was actually impressed with their effort and the end result for once. Mike Williams was the one weak point in our defense Saturday. Moving Woolfolk over to corner was a great idea as long as we have a capable safety to cover his absence. The use of the blitz was huge in the first half of the game against Iowa, so I gotta believe that the defensive coordinator has made an improvment too.

This is my Third article and after watching a few games I feel obligated to add a new segment to my write ups. I will still be doing my MVP's, but im adding what I will call the "Bonehead Move Of The Game". The situation I'm giving it to this week falls on Two players, and One play. Brandon Graham runs into the kicker as Greg Mathews fumbles the punt return. How bad is it when you mess up twice in one play? I'm not saying that we would have won if that hadn't happened, but it would have altered the outcome significantly.

And last will be the MVP's. Offensivly, I have to go with Odoms. He established himself as a reliable reciever coming up with some key receptions throughout the game. On Defense, I have to go with Donovan Warren. The pick for Six was big, and he was constantly picked on and was able to hold his own all game. In closing, I'm not being negative, I'm just stating what I see. I will be a Michigan fan until I die, whoever the coach is, and regardless of what players they recruit.

Please Note: If anyone who reads this feels that I'm wrong, or wishes to discuss sports, please feel free to comment, or leave me your email address. I look forward to hearing from fans out there.


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